About Us

At The Birch Centre we acknowledge that every child is unique and no one intervention will meet the needs of every child. Our programs are tailored to your child’s individual needs. Together we collaborate to identify your child’s goals, strengths and needs, while working on priority areas first. We deliver evidence- based Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy by qualified professionals, giving our clients a chance at maximizing the individual’s potential in the home, school, and community to create lasting change throughout their lives. Our therapists incorporate the child’s motivation and interests to build new skills and address any behaviours that may interfere with learning. Our team strives to create a fun, supportive, and engaging learning environment to help your child succeed and grow.

Big Hearts helping Little Hearts

Our experienced and dedicated team are passionate about helping each of our clients reach their full potential. Specializing in developing and implementing strong evidence-based programs that focus on teaching social skills, functional life skills, and social communication.

Quality evidence-based programs

Applied Behaviour Analysis relies heavily on data to make informed treatment decisions. At TBC we use Portia ABA Clinic Software for our Program Development, Data Collection and Reporting. The use of technology in our practice increases visibility into the child’s progress, allows for timely changes, and allows for more hands-on time. Portia’s automated target progression and reporting ensures treatment decisions are based on reliable data and precision. This secure virtual clinic allows us to collect data and communicate with team members wherever they may be located.