ABA and IBI Therapy

The Birch Centre employs evidence- based practices in implementing Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) and Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) therapy. ABA based interventions are supported by research, are socially significant, and monitored for effectiveness.

Our experienced team of clinicians and therapists collaborate with families and utilize evidence -based principles of learning and behavior to tailor individualized treatment plans. The goal of ABA is to establish or enhance any skill that promotes independence and or quality of life for the child across multiple environments and people. Treatment goals can consist of, but not limited to;


Social Skills
Communication and Language
Adaptive Skills
Fine and Gross Motor Skills
Daily living skills
Academic Skills


Our ABA and IBI therapy programs are delivered in a 1:1 environment led by Instructor Therapists who work directly with your child, which are monitored by a Senior Therapist. Senior Therapists work to evaluate, develop, and implement client specific programming for each child. The Senior Therapists will work with a Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) who supervises all programs ensuring programs are designed to meet all areas of a child’s development. We use a collaborative approach as we work alongside other professionals to provide the best individualized treatment for your child.

Social Skills Groups

Social skills are targeted from the very beginning of a TBC program. We understand that social skills are critical for meaningful integration and success within school and the community. Throughout the program, specific areas are targeted dependent on the child’s current skills and designed to address each child’s individual needs.

The Birch Centre will soon be offering social group sessions in a fun, supportive, and interactive environment. Our groups will be run using the principles of ABA which is effective for children of all ages and abilities. Sessions will be fully customizable for each individual’s strengths and needs. We encourage parent involvement and feedback during their child’ s involvement in the social skills groups.  Our play-based and social skill groups will be available throughout the year. Please contact us to see what programs we are currently offering.


TBC provides consultation services which can take place in our centre, in your home, or community based. Once direct and indirect assessments are completed, analyzed and summarized the clinical team will share and discuss assessment results with the family.

After an initial assessment of your child, consultations provide a better understanding of the child’s needs and priority goals.  At this time, we will collaborate with the family to discuss goals and strategies to fit the child’s unique needs, and develop an individualized ABA program for your child. 

Parent Coaching

At TBC we strongly encourage family involvement in the developmental learning journey of your child. As we focus goals based on the needs of the whole family, parent/caregiver involvement is essential to assist in producing positive outcomes for your child.

We encourage Parent Coaching as it is essential to learn the specific techniques and strategies to support your child by incorporating them into their daily routines and activities. These strategies can help promote generalization and maintenance of skills. Our goal is to increase parent’s feelings of competence and have positive parent-child interactions.

Collaborative Services

Speech Language Therapy

Speech Language pathologists specialize in treating language delays, apraxia, learning disability, voice disorders, swallowing and feeding, reading, writing and literacy. They employ a variety of strategies to improve a person's ability to communicate, and meet the child’s needs. Services for SLP can be arranged at your convenience.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists can help children with sensory processing, attention, and self -help skills. In addition, OTs help with skills that require controlled body movements using large muscle groups known as Gross Motor Skills. Fine Motor skills requiring small movements of the hand, fingers and wrists which are necessary for performing everyday skills like toileting, brushing teeth, and getting dressed are also targeted.

In-Home Services

The Birch Centre is pleased to partner with in-home service providers who offer home based ABA/IBI therapy with a one on one therapist in the comfort of your home. Please email info@thebirchcentre for further information.

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